When Christine and Helen turned sixty


When Christine and Helen turned sixty

Their friends exclaimed  – how can this be?

They both look so young

The both have their teeth and functioning knees!


And what will we do

To celebrate the days?

I know, said Sharon

Lets stand in a field at the FRAs


They are quick, they are strong

They tear up and down fell

They are Westies wimmin

And they scrub up rather well


They are stalwarts of the club

Stars of Loch Ossian nights

And cross country relays

When the weather is sh___


I remember a time

When Fiona was wee

At a relay in the cold

Standing beside me


Where’s mummy?

A little tearful

In the mud I replied

Coming over that hill


See that woman that

With froth on her face

That’s your mum

My goodness she has set quite a pace!


I remember Christine

At the Hodgsons and Pen y Gent

Actually I was so far behind

I only saw her in the tea tent


Winning, partying, drinking tea

This is your forte

Now you show those youngsters

That 60 is the new 40


This poem is rubbish

But I hope it conveys

Our love and best wishes


For your special birthdays.  Hip Hip Hooray!

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