Entries by Jenn

High Cup Nick

I signed up for this race in a fit of hill-racing enthusiasm during what is now known as the “pre-Carnethy-5-in-2020” era and was full of regret and nerves on the journey there. I needn’t have worried. Mum got us off to a great start, taking an outstanding line through the gate and navigating the oozing

Birds at the Burdens

This year’s revamped Devil’s Burdens saw a record (probably) 13 Westerlands Teams assembled. 30 Westie Women ran, with female Westie numbers further bolstered by two girl-dogs, two girl-babies and three girl-spectators. Leg 1 saw a stellar line up of our finest solo competitors, who for the most part decided to ignore all lesser teams and

Loch Ossian 2019

The first Loch Ossian trip took place in 1990, in celebration of the birth of a future leader of Westies just across the border in Carlisle a few months prior. It was attended by a number of Westies who ran a number of different routes and ate a variety of things from the major food

Tinto Hill Race – by Jenn’s Mum

As I lined up on Saturday for the start of my second Tinto Hill race (first one was in 2014) I did wonder how I had ended up here surrounded by Westies and wearing a Westie vest myself? One of my first memories of Tinto was about 15-20 years ago taking Jenn and her brother,

Two Breweries 2019

The week I joined the Westies, Gregor sent out a link to these nice prints. Can’t have a print unless you’ve run the race so my well-laid, best-made plan was to run Arrochar as my Scottish Champs long counter and then see out 2019 running the odd short race and watching faster, fitter Westie Women

Carnethy 5 version 2

A race report from each Captain – we’re spoiling you… Things that were completely grim about this race The wind speed The purple tights of the man who wrestled me out of the way on the Carnethy scree section Katie’s broken finger The dash across the first lumpy field Ally’s post-Westie-Wonder-Bus hangover JD beating me


Organised by Ambleside AC on 27 December each year, Wansfell is short, sharp and steep. Mum and I have been running this race for a few years, accompanied each year by a motley crew of extras. As you’d expect for a race covering 1329ft in 2.1 miles, the race begins with a steep climb, which

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Tinto Hill Race

I’ve been excited about this hill race since my mum ran it in 2014. I arrived with loose plans to beat her time (50 mins), keep up with JD in a race for once and not disgrace Westerlands Cross Country Club with my poor downhill running. I started the race with an all-out sprint to

Cort-ma Ladies

My favourite race of last year was the one I didn’t run. I approached my first race as a Westie marshal with some trepidation following receipt of David Roger’s legendarily detailed race plan. However, the reality was standing in the evening sun, far away from the midge-ravaged car park, watching bog cotton flutter in the