Carnethy 5 version 2

A race report from each Captain – we’re spoiling you…

Things that were completely grim about this race

  • The wind speed
  • The purple tights of the man who wrestled me out of the way on the Carnethy scree section
  • Katie’s broken finger
  • The dash across the first lumpy field
  • Ally’s post-Westie-Wonder-Bus hangover
  • JD beating me in the last 300 metres
  • The Southside bus stop location
  • Observing an Edinburgh runner putting her bag down in a substance that probably wasn’t dog poo
  • My long run the next day
  • Niall stealing all the good photos for his race report

Things that were great about this race

  • Chris McKiddie’s post-race knitwear
  • Chris Furse’s epic stride up Carnethy to try & chase down Alistair Boyer
  • My 11 minute improvement on last year’s time (couldn’t bring myself to leave that bit out)
  • New shoes from the Pete Bland stall
  • Tom E going back to run the last 500m with Katie (aww newlyweds)
  • Being dropped off directly at the pub after the race
  • No-one trusts my driving enough to make me drive the mini-bus

Overall, would recommend.

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