As I lined up on Saturday for the start of my second Tinto Hill race (first one was in 2014) I did wonder how I had ended up here surrounded by Westies and wearing a Westie vest myself?

One of my first memories of Tinto was about 15-20 years ago taking Jenn and her brother, Iain, for a walk. Iain ran everywhere and usually ended up injured and Jenn was never in a hurry especially on any downhill. That particular day ended up with Jenn and I going down at a snail’s pace and Iain waiting at the bottom with a cut and bleeding nose where he had hit the ground. Fast forward to Saturday…..and how things have changed…

Saturday saw me on the start line with Jenn, Tom and many other friendly Westies, who only know me as Jenn’s mum. The horn sounded and off they all went …or so it seemed. I was caught in the crowds at the start and concentrating where my feet were going and not tripping up was the main objective – I’d given up on dry feet on the walk to the start. It seemed a long way up, but, thank you, Andrew, for keeping me company. I must admit, I did try to get rid of you, but failed. It was good to see and shout out to some of my Westie team mates, but didn’t really make me feel great as they were all on their way down while I was still crawling up.

Eventually I reached the top along with Andrew – next minute he was gone – flying down the steepest part of the hill  – I never saw him again. I am far too old and value my teeth too much (another story!!) to do anything but go down hills carefully. I managed to stay on my feet although there were a few good slides and squeals – I even passed some runners – I think more passed me though. From reading other race reports I think I am meant to comment on the clubs who passed me – I’ve no idea – it was just a flash of colours – I am a Westie from over the border and can only recognise the Westie vest.

I finished in one piece and just about had the energy to congratulate all those who had already finished, including my daughter who I had painfully dragged up and down hills from an early age – first Wainwright was when she was 2 years old.

I trained her – she could at least have waited for me!!


12          Harrison Stubbs               0:36:08

13          Iain Stewart                     0:36:11

47          Rod Fleming                     0:40:57

48          Arron Sparks                    0:40:58

59          Tom Finch                        0:42:19

76          Ian Thurlbeck                  0:44:21

87          Jenn Ruddick                   0:45:07

103        Romy Beard                     0:46:40

104        Chris Furse                       0:46:42

112        Brian Brennan                 0:48:11

115        Andrew Fullwood           0:48:35

118        Heather Simpson            0:49:00

130        Isobel Graham                0:50:07

171        Kirsten Macleman          0:57:11

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