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Craighouse Parkrun 2019

Jura has many fine attractions and the Craighouse Parkrun is no exception. One of the loveliest 5k stretches of road in Scotland, with a wonderful welcome and fantastic feed at the end. So popular has this even become that the organisers decided that they needed to stagger the runner start times to avoid congestion. They

Seville Marathon: A Venus in Furs

A rough chronology of my thoughts this morning: Walking to Pasos De Las Delicias: OK, a bit of sniffle, a slight temperature, that’s fine, that’s fine, this is going to be good, this is going to be good. Start Line: [Excited Now.] Let’s have it! Mile 3: That felt a bit hard, but you’re just

Inskip Half-Marathon 2018

It’s the race that I didn’t run that I think about the most.   Should I have followed those guys when they made a break? Maybe I could’ve picked up the ‘final effort’ pace a little bit earlier? I was surely being too conservative for the first few miles?   I decided I wanted a

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On The Up: Aonach Mor 2019

As much as the thought of busting a gut legging it up the track under the gondola at Aonach Mor following the excesses of a Hogmany in Glen Nevis appealed, I decided I was going to be spectating and snapping for this one. Not enough inclines in my training recently and doing three races in

Fourth at the First: Tilli 10k

What makes the brand-new Tilli 10k an excellent race?   The course is a fast, flat out-and-back with a long loop turn-around; one for a good time. The course is also an idyllic meander through the woods by the river if you’re in to that sort of thing. The start is 20ft away from the

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Preston Harriers 10M Road Race

Unlike the hills, for a road race I reckon you want an unremarkable course – flat, minimal changes in direction, laps maybe and just enough scenery to avoid tedium. ‘Unremarkable’ because ‘boring’ is the wrong word. With nothing else to distract, you can focus on the important task of running as fast as you can

Jimmy Irvine 10k 2018

[With apologies to WH Murray.]   Standing atop the hill in Bellahouston Park, the wind swirling the leaves around our legs, the rain falling in quantities sufficient to sink even the most buoyant of spirits, it seemed that the universe had abandoned its usual indifference and instead had become one with my dark mood. The