The alarm went at 4.50. I rolled out of bed and stood up. Tired, slight sore throat, mild blocked nose, feel like s*it. This is not happening. C’mon, you can sleep on the drive up, bit of breakfast and you’ll be brand new.


Gave up trying to sleep at 07.30. Felt worse, still tired and aching from an uncomfortable seat. This is not happening. Shut up, just eat your porridge, some good nutrition and it’ll be fine.


Eating breakfast on the move was a mistake. Spent the last 30 minutes of the drive fighting the urge to throw up – that would’ve ruined everyone’s morning. This is not happening. Just knuckle down min, we’ll be there soon.


Stepped out the bus. Exhausted, depleted, feeling about as athletic as a sack of tatties. This is not happening. OK OK, you’re there now, go have some coffee, go have some chat, it’s sunny – cheer up!


Standing on the start-line at 11.00. Actually, that did the trick, feeling perky – this might just happen.


500M in. Feel awful, no energy, no spark. This is definitely not happening. Alright, but best do another three miles to make sure.


Sometimes it’s just not your day. Some great performances from other Westies – was very envious of the mood of shattered contentment enjoyed by everyone who crossed the line.


(NB – I had a PCR test immediately before an immediately after travelling to the race; both negative.)

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