Entries by James Callender

West District XC Relays 2019

Dear Mr Callender, Herr Quinn has forwarded your useless report from Kilmarnock to the Race Report desk for my examination and/or reply. Unfortunately, we have no Ludicrous Gibberish desk, or it would have ended up there. What kind of lame, half-mad bullsh*t are you trying to sneak over on us? When Westerlands asks for a

Misurina SkyMarathon

The Parco Naturale Tre Cime is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site on account of its spectacular landscape. On first impressions it reminded me of Whitlee Moor – cold, windy, raining and full of Scottish cyclists. You could get a decent pizza though. The race was on Sunday, so on the Saturday I generally mooched

East End STAGs

I made my urban orienteering debut this Wednesday at the STAG Bridgeton Score event along with Ruth, Outi and Klass. During this time I learned the following: – I am not as good at reading maps as I thought. – It’s important to SLOW DOWN and THINK. Ideally not after you’ve pissed away the first

Ben Rinnes 2019 (A Group Cut-Up)

Dufftown had not escaped the recent heatwave, every step on the race was hampered by the weight of the sun. Imagine, you’ve just finished your first big hill race, it’s been a tough day, you’re exhausted and then some skinny guy called Sam approaches you in the shower asking for assistance with a full-body tick-check.

An Teallach Hill Race 2019

“And the course,” said the organiser at the race briefing, briefly glancing over his shoulder at the murk above, “Well, just go where you want, it’s a hill race.” A worthy piece of advice, and one that was taken to heart. If nothing else, An Teallach offers options; straight up the vertiginous gully or along

Kilpatricks Kaper 2019

What can be said about the Kilpatricks Kaper 2019? It was a beautiful summer’s evening; golden sunshine and breeze to keep the midges at bay. 94 runners went up the hill and 94 runners came down again. The marshalling team were ace; so professional that I was happy to spend most of the race reclining

Red Moss Kips Extinction Rebellion 2019

A good group of Westies made the journey for the first of this season’s East Coast Bog n Burn races on Wednesday. It was a nice cool evening for running and there was one of those ‘strong fields’ in attendance. Fair midgey at the start – it was a relief to get going. My legs


Craighouse Parkrun 2019

Jura has many fine attractions and the Craighouse Parkrun is no exception. One of the loveliest 5k stretches of road in Scotland, with a wonderful welcome and fantastic feed at the end. So popular has this even become that the organisers decided that they needed to stagger the runner start times to avoid congestion. They

Seville Marathon: A Venus in Furs

A rough chronology of my thoughts this morning: Walking to Pasos De Las Delicias: OK, a bit of sniffle, a slight temperature, that’s fine, that’s fine, this is going to be good, this is going to be good. Start Line: [Excited Now.] Let’s have it! Mile 3: That felt a bit hard, but you’re just