I’d had a decent block of training behind me, but I’d missed two and half weeks to the cold. I was feeling good, but it had been a busy week. I was fit, but I didn’t know how fit. But I wanted to win and thought I might be able to.

I started strong, soon finding myself at the front of the pack. I stayed in that position till about mile 2 when Robert Harrison (the eventual winner) caught me. We had had some exciting racing till about mile 6. You only have a finite number of moves you can make in a race and if you use them in the first half that’s it – I knew putting up a fight early on was risky, but I wanted to win. Robert got away from me at the turnaround. I decided to settle down to about 30s behind him, figured I was good for 2nd and if he started to falter I was in a position to take advantage.

That plan lasted until mile 9 when the wheels came off dramatically; drained of all energy, legs not doing what they’re told, nothing playing ball and reduced to a jog. I’d overplayed my hand and now I was paying the price.

I limped along for the last few miles. James B passed me looking strong – later winning a sprint finish to get second. Even (not the fittest) Niall caught me with half a mile to go (“My feet hurt.” “F*ck your feet and go catch that guy.”) Go big or go home, and I came home with my tail between my legs. The beers for second men’s team were small consolation.

I should also say – the weather was pristine, Glen Clova was looking lovely, the course delightful and the race was an well organised friendly affair. Definitely worth another go.

  1. Robert Harrison (Monifieth Triathlon Club) 01:16
  2. James Bowden 01:18

17.  Emma Watt (JSK Running Club) 01:27

20. Niall McAlinden 01:28.23

21. James Callender 01:28.39

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