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Summer League

The Summer League is made up of the 6 SHR Championship races, plus 3 chosen by each of last year’s winners. So the dates for your diary are: The Cobbler (C) – 13th April Beinn Dubh – (B,W) 24th April Whangie Whizz (B,W) – 1st May Helensburgh Games Race – 1st June Two Mamores (W,

Xmas Handicap 2021

  After evading all sorts Covid regulations to make it to Mugdock from la belle France Roddy Cunningham, of the Westies Alpine Division, was awarded a far too generous handicap handing him a comfortable victory; although to be fair he did also record the fastest time on the day. It must be that good mountain

Winter League

So the Winter League has kicked off with a fabulous victory over the Shetts at the Grudge Match but it’s not too late to get in race for the precious Plophy (Plate/Trophy). Fixture  Date  Details  Shetts Grudge Match  Saturday 20 November  Easterhouse XC Mayhem  West District XC  Saturday 4 December  Balloch Country Park  Hutchisons’ Xmas Cracker 

Teas All Round

The Tea Round is a circa 30 mile run, with up to 12000ft of ascent, in the Lake District starting and finishing at the door of the George Fisher shop in Keswick. The route is based upon the hill tops that can be seen from the Abraham’s Tea Room on the shop’s top floor: Catbells,


The excitement of returning to the hills for group runs was slightly tempered by hold ups in traffic and big black cloud hanging over Cort-ma Law looking like it was heading for Dumgoyne as I made my way to Strathblane last night. But the weather went to Glasgow and the we were treated to a

Winter League 2020-21 – Covid Compliant

When I designed the Winter League it was a list of things that I thought only I could complete, and I was right. Nobody else has managed to complete every challenge so that means that I must be the winner. Don’t panic John Quinn! I thought about including the rule that I must win in

Pollok Parkleys Marathons 2020

It was a bright warm day in April and the sound of birdsong was striking, I’m sure Tom F would have been able to distinguish at least thirteen different species. As I studied my map and prepared for the physical and mental torture that lay ahead I smiled, like a murderer fleeing the jail I

Xmas & New Year Runaround

It was in the balmy days of summer that JD and I agreed to run the Tour de Helvellyn, a 38 mile, 2000m, run in the Lake District held on the shortest Saturday of the year. JD pulled out early with a dodgy knee but Dave (I’ve not trained for this) Rogers was in, although

The Fellsman

The Fellsman is quirky little race that has evolved from a Long Distance Walkers Association event that raises funds for the Scouts. It has some unique kit requirements and rules to keep you safe as you make your way across the fells in giant horseshoe starting in Ingleton and ending in Threshfield. Covering 61 miles

Howarth Hobble – a hard day out

The Haworth Hobble is a 32 mile ultra run with about 4400ft of climb, this would be my first attempt and JD’s sixteenth. A low-key event that I probably wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for JD. Previously known as the Wuthering Hike when it started life as a Long Distance Walkers Event it