The excitement of returning to the hills for group runs was slightly tempered by hold ups in traffic and big black cloud hanging over Cort-ma Law looking like it was heading for Dumgoyne as I made my way to Strathblane last night. But the weather went to Glasgow and the we were treated to a sunny evening, with no wind and dry feet – in the Campsies!

It was wonderful to see groups of Westies cavorting around the hills last night. Group 1 was briefly struggling with social distancing when we were pursued by Larry the Lamb up Dumbreck but once John Q distracted him we were safe.

A few first timers and few old timers all enjoyed the route up Dumbreck and over to Slackdhu. A good line was found between the two tops thanks to Ross A’s old golfing jumper. The cairn stone on Slackdhu has the date 1848 carved into its top, no one is sure why but this was the year of a Chartist uprising, revolutions across Europe and the publication of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. 1848 was the ‘Springtime of the Peoples’ and last night it felt that together we found a little bit of freedom and joy, to badly paraphrase Marx – Hillrunners have nothing to lose but their chains, they have a Whangie to win. See you next week.

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