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Westies Non-Mountain Marathon

Historically June has brought us the LAMM, and more recently its replacement, the SMM. These multi-day orienteering events have been a source of many a good pub yarn for Westies young and old. So in the spirit of this, since lockdown has put paid to all events this summer, we produced a multi-day orienteering event

Westies at the Boat Race 2020

At long last the lockdown has been lifted, and amazingly it was just in time for the Boat Race to go ahead. The MacDonald family organise it and always put on a great event, but with the race only getting the go-ahead on the week leading up to it the numbers were a bit lower

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Sunny Seville

There are many ways to travel around Seville. The metro below, and trams and busses up top transport the masses. There are boats ferrying tourists up and down the Guadalquivir River which meanders through the city centre. Many locals prefer the humble bicycle for their daily commute. Like most bike friendly European city’s there are


Trossachs Trail Race Number 1

I had arranged to give the Beresfords a lift to Aberfoyle last night. I thought this was good because I have a van and they are tall with long legs. I hadn’t seen my van for a couple of weeks so was pleased that it was still parked on Crow Road where I left it.

Cardinal Munros

Whilst having a look at the Munro map a few months ago, out of curiosity I had a look for the furthest North, East, South and West Munros. I’m familiar, as most Glasgow-based hill folk, with Ben Lomond and I knew that Ben Hope was the most Northerly, although I’d never been up it, but


Westies Alpine Division Pt deux

On first inspection of Roddy and Leyre’s idyllic little country pad outside Geneva you’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve settled for a more relaxed version of the good life since leaving bonnie Maryhill behind. The chickens roam about the beautiful garden and the vegetable patches and planters are primed for a spring of planting and

Kirk Crags Christmas Pie Fest

Saturday morning was a glorious occasion. One that will live strong in the memory of all who were present. For it was the day that the blue shorts were unveiled in numbers never before seen. It was a day where the Ochills sparkled in a Yellow and Blue never quite achieved by Shet’s. A grand