Historically June has brought us the LAMM, and more recently its replacement, the SMM. These multi-day orienteering events have been a source of many a good pub yarn for Westies young and old. So in the spirit of this, since lockdown has put paid to all events this summer, we produced a multi-day orienteering event of our own. Think of it as a non-mountain marathon, or a very-Lowe alpine mountain marathon.

The premise:

  • 3 maps covering different areas of Glasgow. Each has a lot of controls (checkpoints) and a corresponding list will tell you the score for visiting each one (varying from 10-50).
  • Runnners would select any 3 consecutive days during the 3 weeks beginning 29th May until 19th June.
  • Each of the 3 consecutive days the runners had up to 3hrs to run a route on one of the maps, picking up as many points as possible. Maps could be used in any order but only one map per day.
  • To recreate the stress and panic of a real mountain marathon the captains sent out the maps and control lists on the morning of each runnners day 1.
  • Runners were to keep their own scores and send some form of evidence, i.e. Strava or pictures. If any cheating went on, it was well done and not picked up on, and for that should be rewarded.
  • There were no physical control point flags or punches, just get to the location i.e. if it’s the Duke of Wellington statue just run round it then move on.
  • Points were deducted at a rate of 1 point per minute if over 3hrs any day.

The 3 maps:

A. City centre & west end

B. South (QEU Hospital – Kings Park)

C. North (Bearsden & Milngavie)

It was well understood that the locations covered by the maps would give some members an advantage due to where they stayed but runners were instructed that all complaints should be issued to HBT or Carnethy. I really hope some complaints were sent…

In the end we had 13 competitors who were brave enough. Mostly Westies, but a couple of Shetts were keen to get in on the action and welcome they were too. Hats off to Shettleston’s Jethro Lennox and Westie Clare Reid for taking the respective men’s and women’s wins. I will buy you a beer at the next do, whenever that may be! Obviously feeling the pressure to perform in such an intimidating Westies environment, our east-end cousins pulled out all the stops. For the women, Christine Patterson walked her way to the biggest single day score. Whilst for the men, Jethro Lennox outdid, well, everyone.

Thanks everyone for getting involved. Full results below:


Position Name Map A- West Map B- South Map C- North Total Points Date started Order
1 Clare Reid 280 238 290 808 12/06/2020 B, A, C
2 Kerry Cunningham 310 190 500 06/06/2020 A, – , B
3 Elizabeth O’Donnell 120 170 170 460 28/06/2020 C, B, A
4 Christine Patterson 400 400 11/06/2020 B


Position Name Map A- West Map B- South Map C- North Total Points Date started Order
1 Jethro Lennox 677 707 682 2066 05/06/2020 B, A, C
2 Niall McAlinden 350 470 580 1400 30/05/2020 C, B, A
3 Alasdair Duke 450 510 430 1390 30/05/2020 B, A, C
4 Andrew Fullwood 300 482 485 1267 12/06/2020 B, C, A
5 Chris Butler 420 455 340 1215 06/06/2020 B, A, C
6 Chris Furse 470 360 330 1160 12/06/2020 A, C, B
7 Malcolm Wilson 320 410 200 930 12/06/2020 B, C, A
9 Joe Waite 560 560 06/06/2020 B, – , –


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