Last Sunday we went for a run

A new route for me, ah such fun

Straight up C-M-L, “Meikle Bin too?” What the hell

We even caught glimpses of sun


Enjoying the sociable pace

No need for a GPX trace

Dodging the showers for a couple of hours

Why did I have to ask Tom “Race?”


From Knockybuckle we assessed the route down

And agreed on a field green and brown

A suitable place for a cross country race

On the outskirts of bonnie Lennoxtown


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!

A 200m dash, no excuse to be slow

A run in the Campsies turned into cross country champsies

Lungs bursting ready to blow


Crossing the line with a sigh

I felt I might keel over and die

We both would regret when both manky and wet

As the bloody thing ended a tie


The End

Ally MacInnes age 28

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