Last Wednesday saw the westies out in force to organise and run in the Kilparticks hill race. I arrived early to try do my bit and help out with entries (although I was probably just getting in Claire’s way). With a record entry things were quite busy but Chief Christine keep a cool head and the race started roughly on time at 7:30.

Off the start line David Henderson set off hard followed by a huge gang of westies including, Iain, Gwyn, Owen, Gregor, Cameron, Alan and myself (There could have been more). He set a good pace but was passed quickly when we reached the steeper rougher stuff. Along the nice ridge line I took the lead and the legs were waking up nicely after Jura. A quick scuttle down the steep bank and we were on the road. At this stage Iain, Gwyn and myself were in a group about 30s ahead of the rest. We worked really well together each taking turns on the front across the bog and along the lake. At the climb up the slacks I pushed as hard as I could and got to the top with about 20s on Gwyn and Iain. I didn’t know if it would be enough but threw myself down the hill trying to go as fast as I could. Hitting the road the gap was less than 5s. I kicked early and hard hoping that if Gwyn saw me pull ahead he wouldn’t give chase. Thankfully it worked and I crossed the line to take the win. I was delighted to win it and more so when I saw that Gwyn took 2nd and Iain took 3rd. Is this a first ever westies 1-2-3?

The women also did the westies vest proud with Val taking 1st and Sarah taking 3rd. There were other great results throughout the field too…

Thanks again to Christine for putting on a great race and to all the marshals on the hill keeping us safe.

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