A chilly mid week Kilpatricks run

It was a smaller than usual turnout assembled for the mid-week run from the Old Kilpatricks gas works last night. No doubt the date clashed with some emergency xmas sitting-by-the-fire duties, or perhaps the Nebit race (looking forward to the report, guys!). I guess it could also have been the weather, which might charitably be described as breezy with the odd shower of icy sleet. I have to confess we didn’t complete all of the original route, although we did get out of the carpark. We had followed the race route up to the road when the icy sleet decided to start blowing into our eyes. Visibility became limited, mittened hands held high in a forlorn attempt to block the stinging shafts. My decision to wear shorts was one of regret. At the end of the dam road a decision was made to retreat. Getting lost would not be a good outcome on a night like this. By the time we left the road the shower passed, leaving the trod back glistening with snow. Off the road and out of the wind, we were able to stretch out on the descent and enjoy the hint of a winter wonderland. Pure dead brilliant!

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