Mibee a mid life crisis or mibee inspired by all the athletic goings on down in London but last night I realised I hadn’t run a half marathon on the road since 2007. I knew the Helensburgh Half was on this morning and a quick check indicated entry on the day. Got down there nice and early and did the usual pre-road race thing …queue for the loo !

Had a chat with Gail Murdoch from Carnegie (ran a bit of the Devil of the Highlands with her a few years ago) and after about 5 minutes she realised who I was (the beard had caused the confusion …and an element of worry on Gail’s part).

The first mile went by too fast …that was obvious since I could hardly breathe and kept tripping over my feet. Settling down, I stayed with another runner from Garscube until mile 8 when again the pace proved too much for me. By backing off a wee bit, I was able to maintain some degree of running. Must admit to having forgotten how sore road running is (on the body as well as legs) …you simply don’t get a proper break. Next few miles ticked away to one extent or another until heading back through the town it was great to hear a shout of Westeeez from Stevie Bell (cheers …much appreciated). Through eleven miles and four runners cruised past in great form. Twelve miles and I stopped looking at my watch …nae point. Thirteen, turn left into the car park (a bit cruel) …another bend and under the finish.

Dead chuffed to have nipped under the 1:28 with a watch time of 1:27:56.

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