East Kilbride XC mudfest

The inaugural East Kilbride AC open xc races proved to be one for connoisseurs of xc courses that involve running round the perimeter of farmers fields collecting mud on the soles of your shoes along the way!! Some would argue that this is proper xc, but I can tell you, it was ******** hard ( fill the asterisks with an expletive of your choice).

Three westies turned out for a run, all v50 men, comprising Mark Roper ( who later called it one of the toughest races he has ever done), JQ and myself, ably supported by Drew who had turned out to watch. Although I had been nightshift the previous night, the race started less than ½ a mile from my front door so I really had to give it a go.    

 There was a healthy turnout of juniors to churn the course up before the seniors were let loose, and it was quite amusing watching parents in completely inappropriate footwear, mincing round the field whilst supporting their brood. When the gun went off, Mark went off with the faster guys, leaving JQ and I to joust with the plodders. John was still working off the excesses of xmas and I gradually pulled away picking of the guys who had set off too quickly. It was quite enjoyable in a strange way, though because it was a short lap (4 laps in total) , I suffered the ignominy of being lapped by the winner Mark Pollard of Inverclyde.  


Results should be posted later  

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