Greenmantle Dash 2014


Two miles running. Two weeks to write up a report.


A bunch of Westies made the trip to idyllic Broughton on the 2nd January to blast up Trahenna from the Greenmantle brewery. A short race involving jumping a wall, hopping a fence, navigating a bog, trudging up a hill, powering back down and then a final desperate sprint along the road. Quite good value for 20 minutes.


It wasn’t my best performance, by the time I made it to the top of the hill most of my snap, crackle and pop had evaporated and I got passed a fair few times on the manic descent. The highlight for me was definitely Dave Calder heroically battling it out with a younger lad on the last hundred meters only to have victory wrenched from his grasp with a cruel slip followed by a face-full of mud.


A fine way to flush out the festive excess from the system before topping up again with the free beer as we waited for the prize-giving. “Um, if anyone thinks they finished in the top 10 could they please report to the front of the hall.”


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