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3 guys, Gregor, James and myself and 1 lady, Gaynor turned up at Bellahouston Park today with perfect conditions for the 4K races.

The course had reverted to the old route around the perimeter adjacent to Mosspark Boulevard without the small loop around the field at the end of each lap, This removed the 180 degree turn at the end which really affected any pace you had built. An improvement in my opinion.

Gaynor was really nervous as the ladies field was really small and as Gaynor described it, “there were nae auld burds”, but she then proceeded to give a really good account of herself and produced a good strong finish.

All three of us guys ran Tinto yesterday and I personally feared the worst but then had a great strong run from start to finish without losing any places and taking plenty including 4 Calderglen guys which felt so good. James C had a good run following a 10k and Tinto yesterday and Gregor was fastest Westie posting somewhere between 14 and 15 mins.

Thanks to my 3 fellow Westies for turning out and ensuring a Westie presence at a top class race.

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