Handicap on the Hoof

So, where were all the Westies today? A miserly dozen turned out to cavort around Carbeth on a delightfully sunny Sunday. As for those missing, where were they? Had they all succumbed to rampant consumerism and headed off to the post-Christmas sales? One committee member couldn’t come as she reportedly ‘had to go to IKEA’. Well, in the old days, we might have ocasionally had to skulk off to John Lewis, MFI or Forrest Furnishing, but we certainly wouldn’t have been telling our friends about it, would we? Another member reportedly was practicing her violin; that might be ok when you’re 13 years old and your Mum won’t let you out, but when you’re 57 with a gong from the Queen, it’s a bit pathetic, is it not?

Anyway, we duly turned up and, in true Westies fashion, were totally disorganised. No trail marked, no handicaps ready, not even a bit of paper and a pen…or a starter. We need a new Drew, Margaret, Isabel, Big Al!

Never mind, despite all that, nobody got lost. We all set out, some of us in fancy dress, with a cheery hurrah from Eileen, whose excuse for not running was that she was heading off to the Panto (oh yes she was!). First home was Peter Gardner, grotesquely dressed up as a Trotter! First Wumman was Fiona Main with a spirited performance in the lead until she was cruelly overhauled at the top of the final descent. Best dressed was Pat, the skelly ton, followed closely bu Big Chief Hutchie. Best moment for me was getting a Christmas kiss from Sister Fiona, the running nun. 

All retreated to the Carbeth Inn afterwards, except me, who had to be back for a concert…I mean, at least that’s a real excuse, don’t you think?

Results ( correct finishing order but times to the nearest couple of minutes or so)

1  Peter Gardner (HBT) 31:00 (20:00)

2  Simon Gardner 31:25 (19:25)

3  Dave C 31:38 (22:38)

4  Fiona Main 31:58 (29:29)

5  Vicky 33:00 (28:30)

6  Helen 33:13 (28:43)

7  John Hutch. 33:26 (28:56)

8  Christine 33:28 (27:28)

9  Fiona Hutch 34:00 (32:30)

10 Cap’n Hamer 34:38 (28:38)

11 Nicola  38:59 (38:59)

12 Pat 38:59 (38:59)

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