Westies….Sponsored by Clark’s!

The Masters XC Champs were held again at Forres over a lovely and testing trail through park and woods. However, the real story was the intrepid adventures of the 4 Westie stalwarts who battled their way through snow, wind, rain and flood to be at the start line on time.

Gibby had the relatively easy journey of heading east from Loch Carron and made it safely with the aid of the snow tyres fitted to his campervan. Grim managed to arrive on time by train, via Aberdeen. Pat and Dave headed up using the Megabus (tea, scones, irn bru and tablet all included, except when the hot water boiler is out-of-order), which battled through the Drumochter in blizzard conditions both ways. It was all a bit exciting; on the way up would we make it on time (though Pat did have a head start by travelling up on the Friday night), on the return journey would we end up stranded in a Newtonmore pub with the dreaded Boggies???

We were all triumphant as we arrived on time in Forres. As I entered the busy and crowded dressing room, I heard the booming voice of Grim; ‘ I see you have the same Clark’s boots as me; did you get them for £30 in the sale too???’ The rest of the dressing room fell silent, bemused at the turn of conversation. I fully expect a run on Clark’s boots online today from the more senior members of the Scottish running fraternity. Maybe a sponsorship deal is in the offing?

Out on the course Pat, Gibbie and Grim gave their all on the 6k race. Gibbie battled to 3rd place in the V70 category, behind Bobby Young (expected) but also behind some upstart from Inverness, who finished a clear minute ahead of Bobby. Grim battled around the course, despite his croaky throat, and narrowly avoided disqualification on the basis that his yellow waterproof wasn’t official club colours. Pat cruised around the course, no signs of any ill-effects from the cracked ribs or skint hands that resulted from her fall last Monday.

In the 8k race, Dave was the sole Westie. Despite a slow start, he did manage to finish ahead of ex-Captain Dave Thom(now Cambuslang) but failed to get anywhere close to Ex-Captain Chris Upson (now Cambuslang). Cap’n Hamer, we’ll be watching out for any covert conversations you have with any large-to-extra-large running clubs bordering the south side of Glasgow!

Heading back down the A9, Pat and I avoided the Newtonmore soiree and arrived back in Glasgow at midnight. We cared not, it was a grand day out, and those of you who weren’t there all missed yourselves!

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