Manor Water, 2013


I managed to convince the rest of the family that sheep dog trials are really exciting and that the scenery is just mind blowing. Add forecasts of a golden autumn day and they were easily up for it.

Now to the race: A steady climb with a beautiful downhill run back to the finish. I had a good run for the state I am currently in and even had the energy for a sprint finish, although I did not quite manage to catch the runner in front of me.  Slow ascending has the advantage that there are not many left that can overtake me on the descent. The weather was perfect: cool but not too much rain.

I leave it to the fast guys to comment on the front of the race

Westies’ results

3. Steve Halsall 1:12:02

5. Owen O’Neill 1:12:20

45. Peter Grassl 1:36:23

55. Peter Baxter 1:50:18

57. Pauline McAdam 1:50:39

PS: The “rest of the family” decided to stay home next time (too much sheep poo, too cold, too wet, boring, no swings, …). I will be back!

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