This little low key race is a favorite of mine, and seeing as this was a very busy weekend on the hill running front, I thought this year it would be ultra low key! However, there was quite a healthy entry by Saughill standards. Set off pretty slow, having learned my lesson at the Kilpatricks earlier in the week when the wheels came off at the top of the first climb and I got above my station! Also had done about 55 miles on bike on sat so I thought it would be wise to be prudent.

Worked my way through the usual pack of keen but inexperienced youngsters who had set off far too quick, trying not to stand on them along the way, and by the time I got to the open hillside I was in about 9th place.  I pulled in another couple of guys and had a great tussle with a promising 13 yr old junior from Ronhill Cambuslang near the top. 

As soon as we started the descent, I got away from him but the next guy was too far in front to catch and so that was it – think I got 6th and first V50. Great little day out and I can recommend this race if you like them short sharp and steep.

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