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On The Up: Aonach Mor 2019

As much as the thought of busting a gut legging it up the track under the gondola at Aonach Mor following the excesses of a Hogmany in Glen Nevis appealed, I decided I was going to be spectating and snapping for this one. Not enough inclines in my training recently and doing three races in a week would just be asking for injury.


I set myself up in a good position just below the tree line and lined up a nice shot so that the runners would be framed by the trees and have the Lochaber hills in the background. The markings had been a bit confusing so I asked two bikers standing nearby if this was the race route. Definitely, they replied.


So I stood, camera in hand. We caught a glimpse of runners below so I put my camera up and waited. And waited. And then I heard something moving nearby and turned to see Sam running up the hill in the lead…20ft to my right. I grabbed my bag and legged it through the woods, eventually finding the actual race route (NB – ‘actual’, not ‘correct’) and managed to get the odd clumsy shot of runners against a non-descript tree background *the best laid plans*. Hope you all enjoyed the ‘Alexander Alternative’ route!


Well done to all the Westies racing – some impressive performances on a tough morning after. Sam won and Ruth was second lady –  look forward to hearing other accounts!

1) Sam Alexander 24:56

6)   Kristopher Blake 26:45

14) Rob Hamlin 28:26

23) Ally MacInnes 29:58

26) Roddy Cunningham 30:23

29) Damien Theaker 30:53

34) Manny Gorman 31:49

35) Rachael Lund (Woodford Green AC & Essex Ladies – JOIN WESTIES RACHAEL!) 32:00

37) Ruth Crewe 32:09

60) Cal Welsh 34:37

72) George Douglas 35:24

83) Alistair Boyer 36:32

85) Sophie Philbrick 36:56

86) Leyre Flores 36:59

105) Kerry Cunningham 39:30

123) Brenda Paul 46:32






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