While some Westies were plodding round the Campsies others were at the high paced National cross country championships! Well some of the runners were high paced, not necessarily those donning the big W! It was a great day for cross country, slightly sunny, a bit of a breeze, and the course was bouncy grass, not the mud bath that it sometimes can be.

Pauline and I lined up for the ladies, and on the starting gun we went off at as high a pace as we could. Wow was it speedy!! It certainly felt like there was a lot of effort involved in our girlie two lap course, but I’m not sure how much of this turned into actual speed. Never mind, the run was fun, although the wee hill they threw in half way round was a bit evil!

Then it was the turn of the men, and the Westies team lined up instilling fear into all around! Well they would have been scared if they had seen the small spears that Owen had attached to the soles of his shoes! The men flew off too and then had three laps of the course (so so glad that equality hasn’t quite reached x-country yet!!). Chris struggled round defying the lergy to be first Westie, followed by Owen, then a very relaxed looking David and finally Steffen.

Well done the Westies who put the CCC into WCCC!

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