Entries by Cat Miller

Two Breweries

Two Breweries is a fantastic race.  It is has distance, 18 miles, ascent 1700m+, descent 1700m+, rough stuff, runnable stuff and great scenery. This year was no different.  Perfect weather made for a great day hill running.  The usual impressive stampede start from Traquair, and then after some road we were onto the first climb. 

West District X-C Championship

The West District Championships on Saturday had all that cross-country should have: atrocious weather and lots of mud.  The weather was proper cross-country weather: driving rain and a biting wind.  Pat, Sharon, Leanne and I huddled in the sports hall for as long as possible before making for the start.  Credit due we did a ‘warm

Lomonds Of Fife

From the start to West Lomond it was fantastic.  A great runnable course, with a helpfully strong tailwind to assist with the climb up East Lomond.  Then turn, face into the exhilarating westerly, realise the sun was still shining, views were great.  Downhill off East Lomond was fun with the wind holding you up, gravity

Dechmont Law Trail Race

Anyone looking to do a trail race should think about heading to Dechmont Law next year.  What awaits you is a well organised day, courtesy of Lothian Running Club, with a fun run, 3.5km junior race and a fast undulating 10km trail through parkland and woodland.  The views from the Law are expansive and there

Mousdash – Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane

Results Before Westies in Scotland had even gone to sleep on Saturday us Aussie Westies had done our Sunday morning run – the Mousdash, a 10.5km race round Mount Coot-tha, which at only 287m, is the highest point in a range of hills on the outskirts of Brisbane.At 6:30am (early ..but any later and we’d

Razorback Ridge Run

Before I left Grim gave me a ‘Rain Maker’. It seemed innocent enough: a bit of hollowed out wood, some stones inside to make rain summoning rattles and a few carvings on the outside to for authenticity. Harmless ….or so I thought. Now, after numerous drenchings where each time an Aussie has said "It hasn’t

Yarra River Trail Race

G’Day Westies! Here in Melbourne there is a 4km sand track circuit round which lycra clad Aussies run …. round and round and round and ……. after a few days of this the Wild Westie in me went mad and I ventured further afield, managing to see some hills called the Dandenongs, the Yarra River

Beinn Ratha

Results When I’d read past reports of this race it sounded like there would be mountainous tussocks, descents barely a degree off vertical, bog that would make Indiana Jones squirm with unease all set in wilderness at the ends of the earth. And to top it all apparently it’s the kind of terrain that Manny

Dunbartonshire Cross Country

Maryhill Park, 27th November 2010 Results A new competition has emerged from the weekend’s snowy cross country … spot the colour that is not included in Gibbie’s thermal leggings! These rainbow leggings and many other thermal togs were donned by us hardy Westies as we braved the chill for the first in the season’s trio

Glas Tulaichean

This race just went up … and up … and then up some more, although this was hardly surprising considering it was an uphill race. 2200ft ascent in 4 ½ miles. What did surprise us was a triple crossing of the Glen Lochsie Burn cascading down from the hills in full flow. Little did we