From the start to West Lomond it was fantastic.  A great runnable course, with a helpfully strong tailwind to assist with the climb up East Lomond.  Then turn, face into the exhilarating westerly, realise the sun was still shining, views were great.  Downhill off East Lomond was fun with the wind holding you up, gravity pulling you down.  Passing people going up and down added interest: it’s not often I see front runners running.

Then on to West Lomond along a marked track, too narrow to overtake until enough energy had been stored to allow a serious burst of pace.  Bobbling along until the land disappeared on one side and we were rounding a very craggy slope.  An upwards pull through a grassy gully between the crags brought it to the base of West Lomond, then a last climb and that was the top.  Face into the blasting wind for the downhill ……

Not my favourite part of the race, I wish I could descend! People slid/ran/tumbled past me and were soon out of sight, cursed myself for not buying new grippy shoes, although I think it would take more than new shoes to help my descending!

Last few hundred metres of forest trail ended the race well, and I was happy to finish no 3 of my SHR races.

21 Westies there, too many to name, so results are here:

Wonder if Westies ladies are still No.1 team in the Championship now!? 


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