Jack Crawford 10K, 9.3.13

After being early last week in the warm sunshine we were back to late, late, far too late in the freezing conditions  often existing in Bishopbriggs.  A cursory chat  with John Q, Peter, Jon,  Jenny, (Andy and family  supporting) and  we were  off. Well we almost got tangled in the start tape…….what  do you think  this is? A comedy show…..look  we had a Men’s Vet Title to defend.

 Well, after the short tour round the houses, not much road furniture to trouble us: no roadworks, only parked cars  to trouble  the likes of  Archie(now don’t you start). On to the towpath and get your position here – i.e. don’t get boxed in. No, it was up on the bank passing  those determined to stay right in the centre of the path. If you have not savoured the delights…………..it’s out to Cadder ,cross  over  to the other side of the towpath, along to Lambhill, cross back again to the B. Leisure Dome.  Dead level, well until you get to those few little rises. At Cadder passing a lady (sorry,for these pages…..fit  burd), with large headphones  enjoying the day. She may just find those headphones  useful  at Lambhill.  5 – 6 K slowed a bit as one or two got past.

 Ah, yes and on to the delights of Lambhill  where the Lambhill Crewe had their “Drinks Station”. Gentle  reader, it should be reported that this was not  an official water replenishment.  No, you are not so naïve, these were the guys with their cheap lager cans  shouting : “Eh Pal, ‘av some ‘o this to make you run”.  Any admonishment  of the  their choice of drink, would of course, have  resulted in an all mothers and fathers of an altercation. 7 – 8K suffering again so stick in. 9 – 10K you just have to rally,don’t you?

 Well done guys another great day out. Well done Jon to get the V40 prize.


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