Kilometer 7: Cold conditions, light rain. Bertie Rooster struggles to keep up his 4 minute pace. No sign of Peter to help him out. Difficult to avoid puddles and other runners! Anyway, why would a care free bachelor-about-town undertake such an adventure?
What a weekend… Friday night, I went out with colleagues until 3am. This was followed by a 2 hour jog Saturday morning (probably the slowest 10 miles I ever ran). Then, in the evening, we had a murder mystery party where I was the above mentioned Bertie, who was engaged to Penelope Pitt-Pony , the “brightest of London’s Bright Young things”. Although I managed to keep the drinking to a minimum, I was in a different world when I made my way to Stirling for the city 10k over there, pondering why May Vest had to kill Tim O’Shatner in the first place, who turned out to be a woman… As you probably already can guess, my expectations were down to a minimum and I just wanted to keep up the running in some way ahead of the Amsterdam marathon in a few weeks time. Really good turn out of almost 900 runners. I managed to stay under a 4min/km pace up to km 5 (19:27). However, from there on my weekend activities took their toll and Bertie was in charge. In the end, Bertie managed to cross the line as 207th in 41:23 which we were both happy about as it is actually a PB over this distance for both of us.

I didn’t meet any other Westies, but noticed from the results list that Jo ran it as well in 48:33.

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