SIPR 2015

34 yachts
20+ absolute bloody heroes marshalling, organising and keeping us safe
40 hours overall
25 hours sailing & bouncing
 place overall
1 hour dinghy transfers, swimming & vomiting
1.5 oars
1 man overboard
1 mooring fouled propeller

0.5 hour additional synchronised vomiting
2 hours on deck (Brian achieved longer by throwing up)
21 hours in sleeping bag wide awake sliding about
2 hours in sleeping bag asleep/dead
14 hours running, walking & crawling
66 miles running, sort of
20 miles bloody tarmac
12,000ft ascent
place running
12 calories consumed
9,000 calories forcibly ejected
1 injured back (from river dooking)
2 injured groins (shared…)
1 injured hamstring/piano wire in G
1 unknown illness/plague
1 planter fasciitis
2 cataclysmic physical implosions
4 years aged in a weekend
3 beautiful islands, even in crap weather/state of mind
1 Munro
2 Corbetts
2 Grahams
Umpteen amazing Westies throughout
1 beautiful, but far-too-fast yacht, Superstition
3 amazing crew members/family
1 brilliant, patient, skinny running partner, with really shit nanoweight kit
1 hell of a weekend
1 best friend, Kevin Doonan

Manny X


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