I think Tinto’s a brilliant race.


You stand at the bottom of a hill and chat for a bit.


Then you run up to the top of the top of the hill and then back down to the bottom as fast as you can.


Then you stand at the bottom of the hill and chat a bit more.


And that’s all you need.




            1)       Ewan Brown (Corstorphine)

6)   Robert Simpson

7)   Gregor Stewart

20) James Callender

23) Charlotte Morgan (Carnethy)

45) Alasdair MacInnes

67) Russell Crane

76) Graham Kelly

77) Rod Flemming

78) Don Reid

118)George Douglas

127) Heather Simpson

158) Owen O’Neill (with a dodgy ankle)

198) Steph Keane

      212) Eileen Hamill

(Special mention must go to the Westies (Very) Junior section – Thomas & Annie Arnott – for making their hill-running debut at the Tinto Tiptoe.)

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