I headed up to Strathblane determined to be the first recipent of the Simon Triger Trophy. Bounding along the water board road, silly big grin from cheek-to-cheek and at one stage taking off my vest to display my impressively, impeccable abs, I was convinced that my impersonation of Mr T was vastly superior to the others. Why else would Katy be out taking photos if it were not to compare us all against the admittedly incomparable Simon?

If someone had just explained to me that the cup went to first past the post, I would have run much harder! Pauline, you was lucky.

Still, brushing aside my disappointment, it was a splendid evening with good conditions, a nice view from the summit, few midges and only mildly ridiculous handicapping by Drew. And my vote for best Simon impersonator goes to Mr Kelly, who opened all the gates on the road to the finish for Ellie, Helen and me before bounding onwards (Triger-like, of course) to arrive at the next gate and let us through. Of course, he still managed to finish ahead of the three of us at the finish…makes you sick!!!

So, how about a change of rules for next year?


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