Dig In at The Dock

Sunday 5th January saw a little bit of Belgium descend on the Bo’Ness dock and foreshore area for the 3rd running of the Dig In At The Dock cyclocross race.

Despite only the third running of this event – organisers Jon and Dave have managed to well and truly put their race on the map with some really hard work behind the scenes and relentless promotion to make it probably the biggest cx race in Scotland – fast becoming the ‘Carnethy 5’ of cyclocross with the first 100 places being snapped up in half an hour when entry opened in November.

There were 151 pre-entrants, 123 of which started the race around a fast, flat course of approx. 2 miles.

There was a very strong field on show and Steve Halsall scored a great top 5 or 6 place finish.  I was targetting a top 75 and so was happy with 72nd although I doubt I would have managed this had all of the 151 entrants actually started.  Elizabeth Adams was around 80th with a cracking ride on a mountain bike with the WIDEST bars i’ve ever seen ;-) beating some fairly decent male riders in the process.  Fastest woman was Isla Short in 40th place with Scottish CX winner Maddy Robinson 2nd lady in 50th or so position.  Ms Short came 5th in the UCI Junior mountain bike world champs in 2013 so this gives an indication of the quality of the field and of how well placed Liz was on her mtb with big tractor tyres :-)

Noisiest spectator prize was awarded to the guy with the trombone who was dressed head to toe in some sort of bizarre cactus/mouse/jobby disguise.  He got a flask full of Highland Park for his troubles.

The atmosphere was further enhanced by the presence of a 15-piece Samba band as well as the dulcit tones of cyclocross M.C. extrodinaire – Jammy Johnstone.

There is another cx race left this season out at Foxlake, East Lothian, organised by the Tri-Centre (who also put on the Scottish Championships).

It is well worth the trip east to have a try if you’ve never dabbled with cx before.

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