A date for every Callendar?

A week’s a long time – but maybe not long enough to inspire much more than a baker’s dozen (8 blokes and 6 wummin finished; Chris retired, possibly injury?) Westy runners to come down from the highs of Carnethy and face the quite different rigours of Callendar Park. On offer were 3 muddy, undulating laps (well, two for the wummin) amongst a record field and a high standard of competition across all age groups. This is a park-run with knobs on: the mud was clearly strength-sapping as most of our competitors struggled to achieve 7-minute miling pace overall. Dave Riach’s tactic of starting with something in reserve and progressing through the field worked well; Gwyn Bellamy was our best-placed Westy, a mere four minutes behind the latest of the Hawkins clan (Callum of that ilk) to dominate the Senior men’s race.

I was meanwhile relaxing (when not shouting encouragement) in my new role as race marshal, complete with yellow bib, walkie-talkie radio, and brolly to ward off the threatened rains.

Let’s salute the amazing Fleming family, who posted 3 finishers: firstly Sheila, who briefly suffered slight gender confusion in the run-in and attempted to join the young U-20 colts on an extra lap; then Fleming father (Gibby) and son (Rod) took on the Senior race, with Gibby saving his strength for birthday celebrations later as he finished in just over the hour mark.

Westy times and placings:

Senior Women 

118 J. Quigley 36.53

142 C. Fisher  37.58

160 E. Adams 38.55

244 S. Fleming 48.46

245 S. Taylor  50.00

246 P. Mclaughlin 50.39

Senior Men

29   G. Bellamy  41.31

101 J. Denovan  45.36

181 M. Sweeney 47.49

244 D. Riach      49.33

369 R. Fleming   53.18

393 D. Calder     54.23

510 G. Fleming   60.49

533 J. Hamer      62.52


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