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Anniversary Waltz

Thought i’d give a little post-race report on the Anniversary Waltz wot took place over the weekend.   It were right hard.   Got passed by a Carnethy type on the climb to High Spy.  Bugger! Got passed by two Bog Trotters on the meander down toward Cat Bells.  Bastard! Managed to overtake an injured

Devilla 5 & 15

http://www.entrycentral.com/CarnegieHarriersDevillaRaces  a wee heids up for anyone looking for some winter races.  The Devilla races opened for entry today and I think they ususally fill up pretty quickly.  This is the Sunday before the Carnethy 5 so doesn’t clash

Clown Shoes

I acquired a pair of shiny new Hoka shoes at achilles heel yesterday. Here is my review that some Westies may find useful   They look a bit daft They are mega-lightweight They are like running on pillows They are braw! Cheers!


Dollar Hill Race A hard first ascent. Passed by virtually everyone on the way up. Didn’t catch any westies on the way back down. Pumped by the auld yins once again. Very impressive performance from the old man of the club.  Well done Brian Brennan on your 1:50.  Gibson done no’ bad too 🙂

Ben Lomond

Photos – James Callender My first attempt at the Ben either walking or racing.  A braw day out.  Sunburnt shoulders despite an hour before the race not actually being able to see the hill from the bottom due to the low cloud and rain.  Unfortunately the only thing I consistently excell in is overestimating my

Feel The Burns

Any fellow Westies heading down to Selkirk on Sunday for this race? I have foolishly entered thinking it was 13km but it’s miles.  That’ll teach me to read the event information properly. Will be heading down on Saturday to stay over with friends but will be there on the day although will be incognito as I

Dig In at The Dock

Sunday 5th January saw a little bit of Belgium descend on the Bo’Ness dock and foreshore area for the 3rd running of the Dig In At The Dock cyclocross race. Despite only the third running of this event – organisers Jon and Dave have managed to well and truly put their race on the map

Beecraigs Festive Handicap

I ventured over to Beecraigs by Linlithgow on Boxing Day for my annual post crimbo leg stretcher.  This is a cracking event run by Peter West of Lothian Running Club which is always a free-to-enter affair and open to all.  I was feeling brave and opted for two laps of the 7km circuit which finishes

Falkirk Park Run 16/11

mild but overcast conditions for my second attempt at the Falkirk Parkrun on Saturday. Preparation was not ideal – a good swally on Friday night and last minute panic at the 10p portaloo in the park (be warned – Park bogs don’t open until 10am – nightmare if you like a good pre-race ‘clearout’!) meant