Weather – cold wind, light sleet and snow on tops.

Just out for a jog. Shouldn’t be running at all with my injured right knee but what the hell. Due in hospital on 19th march for knee operation, so this might be my second and last run of 1996!

I stayed at the back of the field for the start and jogged out with Kevin. Took ages to get through the squash at the gate. Had a nice easy steady climb up Scald Law. I could see Johnny Brooks getting to the summit of the second top while I was only half way up the first! It was good to watch everything happen up front in the bunch while I jogged at the back. Kept it steady and gentle all the way round until descending off Carnethy, when I started to push a bit harder. Chased and caught Elsie Scott on the run in to the line. Kevin didn’t enjoy the descent in the heather on Carnethy and finished a few minutes behind me but had a good run on the whole. Lesley was only a few minutes behind kevin.

A good day out to see all the faces again.

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