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SIPR 2015

  SIPR 2015 34 yachts 20+ absolute bloody heroes marshalling, organising and keeping us safe 40 hours overall 25 hours sailing & bouncing 4th  place overall 1 hour dinghy transfers, swimming & vomiting1.5 oars1 man overboard1 mooring fouled propeller 0.5 hour additional synchronised vomiting 2 hours on deck (Brian achieved longer by throwing up) 21

Two Breweries 2014

Never mind a certain Marathon taking place of a similar name, this was the Baxter’s Two Breweries Hill Race, the first without our Elsie…or was it? I arrived several hours early in clear blue skies and Traquair House and grounds were a stunning place to prepare, and at registration, for the first time in 30

My First Ever Race!!!

Glas T Toe Tickle – Maisy’s first race (on my own 2 feet!) The last time I did a race with my Daddy it was in my buggy and I beat Daddy by a second, and lots and lots of people were very sad because I beat most of them too! Now I gave a


Brenda is busy ironing so I have been told to do the write-up….I was on for a double PM (personal misery) by watching Scolty as well as Glas Tulaichean the day before. Maisy refused to line up against the U12’s so instead climbed aboard the Daddy Express and we lumbered up the forest trail to

Beinn Ratha Hill Race

Results "You have to be in it to win it"; I was and I did. My first race since Conic Hill, a bout of serious lurgy and a very sore back… A frantic start up the 2 miles of landrover track saw me sitting 5th, 2 minutes behind a flying Dave Wilby by the time

Creag Bheag Hill Race

I have won this race since 2000…until tonight. At last the Gods offered up a worthy opponent in the form of Robbie Paterson of Forres Harriers, sister of Eilidh, son of Ewan! A new route was laid and a new era was dawning as the gun shouted “bang” and we were off, up the 1

Bennachie Hill Race

Another new race for me and what cracker! Despite the perpetually sore Achilles these days I ran ok at Ben Venue last week, had a good run during the week and then had a wee5 mile flat loosener on Saturday in the rain. A very big field had gathered for this exceptionally well organised race


Rumour has it that social standards in Inverclyde have dipped to an all-time low?! It seems that the days are gone of only getting your wheels nicked if you where daft enough to stop your car for the Larkfield “lollipop” man in Greenock. Now it is reported that hoodies in the mall are sporting ever