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Fantastic running weather, the 40th Carnethy and with two Westies, Pat and JD, due to complete their 21st race, what could be better? Well, a means of getting there would have been a help. But thanks to all the Westies for their offers of lifts, spoilt for choice I enjoyed the comfort of Matthews driving. Arriving at the race there were Westies in evidence everywhere, including a large contingent of cheerful non-running Westies.

The start was the usual mud-splattered dash across the field before the queue at the style (not helped by the runner in front of me pausing for what seemed like an inordinate amount of time before hopping over). The variation in the route this year for the new fence meant a quite a few runners enjoyed an early slide on the slope down to the gate in the new fence line. On the way up Scald Law I decided to slow down to see if I could avoid what seems to be turning into a habit of getting cramp on the last climb up Carnethy. Way ahead Manny was leading the Westies charge with Murdo and John Denovan slowly disappearing ahead of me, shortly followed by Ellie powering up the hill. That would be the last I saw of Ellie with a fantastic run finishing as 5th female (Ellie that is and not me).

The peace and quiet my Saturday afternoon jog was suddenly shattered by some sort of wailing banshee descending uncontrollably down South Black Kip Hill – oh hello Johnston. It could only be a Westie scaring the natives like that. After a short chat with said Westie, JD soon came past as well, looking non-plussed and relaxed and that finally spurred me into action so I popped past Johnston again and then past JD on the way up East Kip. By this time Murdo and John Denovan were miles ahead out of sight, but I gradually picked off runners until I finally caught Murdo just before the summit of Carnethy. From there is was down, down, down to the finish hoping that Murdo, Johnston or JD would not storm past me before the finish.

Well done to all the Westies and especially to Pat and JD for finishing their 21st Carnethy. And thanks for all those shouts of encouragement from all the supporting Westies, especially Drew and Chris, and to Matthew for getting me to and from the race.

Selected (Westies) results:
50, 1:00:42 Manny Gorman
69, 1:02:56 David Rogers
75, 1:03:25 Jon Slowe
147, 1:08:16 Ellen Homewood
155, 1:08:33 John Denovan
170, 1:09:32 Jacques Penderis
175, 1:10:05 Murdo MacLeod
183, 1:10:38 John Donnelly
225, 1:13:45 Johnston Orr
250, 1:15:57 Matthew Bull
252, 1:15:58 Keith Adams
298, 1:19:14 Brian Brennan
386, 1:28:18 Jennifer Edwards
411, 1:31:31 Elizabeth Adams
426, 1:33:13 Amy Pitch
440, 1:35:46 Patricia McLaughlin
478, 1:52:27 Brenda Paul
481, 1:53:55 Graham Benny

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