As the saying goes, never work with children or animals… Well, I work with animals and at home made the mistake of letting the children outnumber us. Trying to get three kiddies dressed in running clothes, spare clothes for when they inevitably fall in a bog or Loch Lomond and out the door meant that we were running more than fashionably late for the Ben Lomond Junior fun run. Driving faster along the road to Rowardennan to make up time was an even worse plan as the youngest was car sick just as we arrived to see the fun run lined up to start. Out the car, grab wailing small child, promise to carry her if she gets tired on the run to get her to agree (fingers crossed behind my back while making said promise), rush for the start and we are off.

Well the kids had a great time and it was me that was sweating at the finish. The route laid out by Don is a great one, with the descent taking in a couple of boggy patches and a stream crossing. The middle kiddie lost her trainer in one boggy patch and that made her race, with laughing the rest of the way. The smallest one ran the whole way in what was her first hill race, bar some uphill walking (well her dad walks in his races…). Then the sprint for the finish and the reward of TWO chocolates and an orange juice each from the organisers and their smiles were even bigger. Plus a certificate to be proudly carried around for days to come.

This is a great event and a brilliant way to get kids keen on hill running and thanks to Don Reid and Martin Hyman for organising it. Particularly to Martin for being so patient and enthusiastic with the little ones. Long may the fun run continue!

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