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Vagar Half Marathon

After a month of hiking in Iceland Steph and I are travelling back to Scotland via the Faroe Islands. It is only tartan army friends I have known to come here, and lo and behold Tórshavn is overrun with Northern Irish fans due to the Euro qualifiers! By chance while reading a magazine yesterday I


Cam’s Ramsay Round

It is going to take a few days for it all to sink in! Having spent the last 9 months training for it, and the last 3 weeks getting to know every nook and cranny of the route yesterday was my attempt window. The forecast was not ideal but given the unsettled outlook for the

Supporting a Ramsay Round

Link to Jez’s report   It is not every day you get to be part of something record breaking so forgive the rambling post…   It was a privilege to be part of Jez Bragg’s record breaking Ramsay Round on Friday 12 June. I was probably more nervous than Jez as I had been tasked


Results It’s a long, tough and very rough race, but one of those weekends that reminds you why you love hill running… nuff said.  


Highland Fling

They say People Make Glasgow – certainly it’s the people that make Westies.   We are just home from a fantastic Fling which was made by the amazing Westies support! A huge thank you to Sharon and Jamie, Graham, Duncan, John Hamer, John Donnelly, Helen, Pat, Elizabeth and Neil for being out on the course

Type 1 fun

Our club run last night was simply type 1 fun.  I’m not saying I haven’t been enjoying my winter training but yesterday evening I had that magical feeling that new born lambs get when they bounce around in the early spring sunshine.  Here’s to more glourious spring Wednesday evening hilly training runs!


Haworth Hobble

Results   Last weekend JD and I travelled down to the south Yorkshire Dales / Pennines for the Haworth Hobble. John has been doing it for years and I now know why. It is a stunning route over the hills and moors, popping into the odd village where you encounter winding lanes and steep cobbled

Bishop Hill Race

Results Westies women 1st and 2nd at Bishop Hill Race yesterday!  Here are Sarah’s thoughts on the race… It was funny as I’d actually just turned up for a training run with the dogs thinking the race was next weekend. Shock horror when I saw other runners warming up and a Westies car sticker confirming I’d arrived


Circumnavigation of Edinburgh

JD, Aron and I popped through to Edinburgh (the third time in a week for me) to join Carnethy on their annual run round the city boundary. Starting at the foot of the Pentlands we crunched through the frost and looped our way round the south and east taking in Edinburgh’s best tourist attractions; power-sub-stations,