It is going to take a few days for it all to sink in! Having spent the last 9 months training for it, and the last 3 weeks getting to know every nook and cranny of the route yesterday was my attempt window. The forecast was not ideal but given the unsettled outlook for the next few weeks the weather window looked doable.  I set off at 2am on Saturday and to my huge surprise and delight I was finished by the end of the day. A 21 hour 55 minute clockwise Charlie Ramsay Round.

I will gather my thoughts over the next few days and write up my experience more fully then, but as I have said before ‘People Make Westies’. I could not have completed this challenge without the massive support and friendship I received from all the Westies, in particular:

  • Steph, Sharon, Jamie and my friend Leigh-Ann who were the worlds best pit-crew;
  • Niall, Alan, Luke, James and Gregor for their excellent pacing, force feeding and chat;
  • JD, Ian and Niall for coming up to Lochaber and spending some time recceing with me;
  • Christine, Sam, JD and Steven for coming out to cheer me on;
  • And everyone for all the kind words and support!

Westies rock!

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