They say People Make Glasgow – certainly it’s the people that make Westies.


We are just home from a fantastic Fling which was made by the amazing Westies support! A huge thank you to Sharon and Jamie, Graham, Duncan, John Hamer, John Donnelly, Helen, Pat, Elizabeth and Neil for being out on the course and cheering us all on – it is such a pick-me-up to see a friendly face unexpectedly!


All 5 Westies that started made it to the finish:

  • 42nd, Cameron, 8h 58m 52s
  • 179th, Aron, 10h 33m 03s
  • 450th, Dawn, 12h 36m 05s
  • 523rd, Christine, 13h 25m 45s
  • 631st, Steph, 14h 44m 55s


All heroic efforts – well done! I’ll leave each to tell their own tail.


I started conservatively letting all the keen beans disappear ahead. Within 10 miles things settled down and I spent the rest of the day picking my way back up the order. At Beinglas Farm, the final checkpoint, I realised a sub-9 hour run was on; all I had to do was run the final 13 miles in 2 hours. So my race began. I started pushing hard, really hard, and managed to sneak in with only a minute to spare!


My memory of the race is approaching the Drymen checkpoint. The marshal directing us into the field said ‘the checkpoint is just over there – you can’t see it but you’ll hear it soon’. He was referring to Race Team marshal Sharon!


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