Nebit Moontain Race 2014

…ok there were only 22 running but keep that quiet it sounds good!  It really should be 2 in the top 5 – well done to Owen and Alan who were 3rd and 5th respectively – great running. 

I made the trip up to Alva half expecting it to be an alternative lowland route as the wind hadn’t let up all day and the forecast included the words ‘weather bomb’ – which didn’t sound too pleasant. However, it was a nice surprise to find the conditions were not to far off perfect, especially for this time of year. With no prior knowledge of the route(or choice as my climbing credentials suck) i let the others lead the way up the hill which was firm but slippy due to the icy snow on the upper half. The wind wasn’t too bad with just a few big gusts on the summit, certainly nothing like the strength that had battered Glasgow for most of the day. By the cairn i was not far off last but with my mudclaws gripping well i managed to pull back a few spots on the way down to the finish. I’m not sure if the lack of people made it easier or not – no-one to get in the way but then again no-one to lead the way!

I had to shoot off but heard that soup, mince pies and beer (courtesy of the sponsor – Harviestoun) were enjoyed back in the pub.

All in all a cracking wee race – really well organised and marshalled by Ochil Hill Runners. I’ll certainly be back. 



1. Al Anthony – 23.29 (Ochils)

3. Owen O’Neill – 26.44

5. Alan Gilkison – 28.02

16. Gordon Bulloch – 35.25

17. Brian Brennan – 35.54


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