A select group of just five Westies ventured north to Strathyre last Sunday for the annual duathlon. Where was everyone on such a beautiful sunny day- outside somewhere else in the hills I hope. Unfortunately race organizer Paula had to pull put last minute with a dicky back- take it easy and get well soon- so Cpt John stood in as organizer. So to the race, it had everything, a tough hill run (old Ben Sheann race route), a 20 mile pedal and a 2 mile flat dash on foot to finish. The race also saw people cheating (some folk will do anything for a tasty pie!) and people getting lost resulting in only three finishers. Times are noted below in the official finishing order;

1. Ian T: 1:59:40 (full route completed and on a fixed gear bike running 42:17- animal!)

2. Don R: 2:14:00 

3. John H: 2:19:40 

4. Vicky; 2:19:45 (first lady but extra cycling instead of the final run)

DQ. Steve H; DQ (seen accepting outside assistance on the course and then using a motor vehicle instead of his bicycle- full Westerlands inquiry to be held. Typical cheating cyclist.)

An unfortunate mix up in the prizes meant the famous pies were replaced with meringues and pencils- not quite the same but still tasty. Finally thanks must go to Emma and Jimmy for manning the transition area, stopping the bikes being nicked and keeping an eye on the sophisticated race timing system. All in a fine day out- definitely to be recommended as a fun way to bag a couple of hours exercise.

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