Alarm set for 4 a.m. 4 o’clock for goodness sake. Well that’s a first – never seen that hour of the day. It was off to the Airport, or it would be if the taxi was going to limp along any time soon. Driver said it was "those damn students" that kept him late with a Multi- drop after their party. Consequently late for this wide awake caller: "Where is the taxi?" "On his way now to you Sir" Yes, but will he arrive? So down to Gatwick, on to Eastbourne for a day of CPD’ings. Then on to kent.

Sunday would we do the Half with predictably no training – last 4 miles would be a killer. Anyway, with a field of 2,600 runners entries closed weeks ago,so that’s that. No option but to spectate and cheer them on. The event is started by Dame Kelly Holmes,she’s a local, or at least,was a local runner.With a blast from her hooter they’re off. Conditions chilly and dry,good for running and spectating. Would you believe it,last week it was spring going on summer, you travel south – it’s always 7 – 10 degrees warmer, only this time it’s freezing cold, while back home it’s spring.I tell you.

1) Andy Greenleaf 1.09.24

8) First Female Liz Yelling 1.13.56

So we had to get a run in after all that tiring cheering on, with the Arsenal game on (don’t mention that again),plus the rugby, it was going to be a busy day. back to Hadlow,nr. Tonbridge for the famous Hadlow Hilly of 8 and a bit miles of near vertical climb in places. This is just full on concentration on this run, otherwise you’d just come to a dead stop. No, we don’t want that,not quite yet.


Length of run 1.1.09 sec.

Distance 8.2 mls.

Av. pace 7.35 sec.

Best Pace 4.46 sec.

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