The Power of the Wee Blue Shorts

Some say it’s the colour of the fabled Westerlands CC vest, some say it’s the magical tailwind that happened to be blowing on that day. All we know, is that it’s probably those wee blue shorts that propelled me to victory that one day in England.

Now apparently winning Park Run isn’t the done thing, it’s not a race apparently, it’s about taking part with fellow runners (non of which were wearing the wee blue shorts) soaking up the atmosphere or some such inclusive words.

I can’t then explain what overcame me, when I was on the start line, surrounded by 233 other English people in ye olde city of Nottingham. It must have been the power of the wee blue shorts. I probably looked like (quite a lanky) Sonic the Hedghog firing off that start line, into quite a bold position of first. This wont last will it. Somehow it did, and I was not passed for all of those glorious 3 miles.

If you too wish to win at Park Run and look like a cross between Brazil and Sonic the Hedgehog, join the westies unofficial race kit and pledge £5.00 to receive your wee blue shorts:

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  1. James Callender
    James Callender says:

    I cannot wait to take delivery of my pair of blue shorts and crush the opposition. And Park Run is definitely a race and definitely worth winning – nice one Will!

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