As I was having a particularly bad plod around the Nigel Barge trail today (so bad that, to my eternal shame, I dropped out at the end of the first lap), my mind lapsed to musing over the many races organised by clubs to commemorate illustrious members. Not only is there the Nigel Barge( Maryhill), but there is the Dunky Wright (Clydesdale), the Jack Crawford (Springburn), the Tom Scott(Law) and the Allan Scally’s(Shettleston). Surely Westies should get in on the scene and to make interesting events celebrating the unique character of various members?

So.for example, we could have the Chris Upson Race, where all competitors receive a personalised heart rate/race profile chart at the end.

Or there could be the Nigel Scott Road Race, where competitors would run under another runner’s name to avoid paying their SAL levy?

Or the Manny Gorman Hill Race, with prizes to every runner who crunches his ankle en-route but still manages to hobble past the finish line?

Or the Muffy Calder Point-to-Point Road Race for the Spacially Challenged, with no trail markers and the winner being the first one who successfully manages to find their way to the finish?

Or the Grimorr Race, where everyone wears yellow shoes and runs with gear costing no more than £3.50 in total?

There must be other suggestons to add to the above???

Anyway, onto the race, which was held in fine conditions.Each competitor was given an eco-unfriendly cardboard carrier bag with volume considerably greater than the contents; one caramel wafer, one advertising brochure and one plastic drinks container of dubious usefulness.

Chris was first Westie home, followed by Johnston, ensuring a sub-40 minute performance with a fine sprint finish. Then came Stuart, Elsie R, Archie, Graeme and Ian. Former-Westie Fraser was also there after a lengthy absence, although his name doesn’t appear in the results.

So,not a bad turnout. And, at this stage, it looks like Archie is heading for victory in the Winter League.


14 Chris 35:58

50 Johnston 39:53

98 Stuart 43:40

114 Elsie 44:43

127 Archie 45:50

131 Graeme 46:16

185 Ian 51:44

DNF Dave

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