Why? Ye canny ask that. Yes, this another Struthers monumental extravaganza of hill,trail,road walk a mere blip in the eye from Glasgow.

It was either a) From Trossachs Pier by courtesy of The Sir Walter Scott cruising to Stronachlachar Pier and then 8 miles over the hills back to Trossachs Pier.

Or b) From Trossacks Pier walking over the hills, onto the gravel trail onto the tarmac road round the entire Loch Katrine. Estimated at 22 miles-probably longer.

For a Bank Hoilday Sunday there could only be one choice………in a)

So we chose b). This being an allegedly Westerlands first full frontal circumnavigation of Loch Katrine we did time it (see below if you’d rather not read any of the consummate reportage).

Setting off to a bright, sunlit-at times, warm hill section. This naturally being completely uncharted territory it was such hard going. Well, in places; for example the head high ferns and bracken. Smashing the way thro’ the ferns "You o.k. at the back there Ian", sweat pouring out, " Yeah that’s fine I’ll tell you if you’re going off course". "You just keep going ahead". Can’t get the staff these days.

Travelling in new territory, new lands, over unseen hills, seeking out new civilizations, to boldly go where no Sane person has been before. So to tackle such a gargantuan exercise, what are the pre-requisites? Yes, you may well be saying a tenuous grip on your sanity? Others may keep up a constant stream of dialogue. Struthers, erudite as ever discussing Natural History, Politics,Philosophy, and more. Semple, just clinging to the wreckage? No,no. Giving "hilarious" versions of classic episodes of Fawlty Towers, Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses, etc.Plus both quoting poetry. At one "short" break by the water’s edge we both simultaneously quoted Stevie Smith’s Not Waving But Drowning. Or when the miles go on and on and on, " we have miles and miles to go before we sleep, miles and miles to go before we sleep". Or if it’s really getting worse than bad, if we are allowed to quote Adrian Mitchell in these pages:

Celia, Celia

When I am sad and weary

When I think all hope has gone

When I walk along High Holborn

I think of you with nothing on.

"Same again Major" " Oh! rather Fawlty" (Tall/Short couple in the bar0 To tall man "Large one for you Sir" To short wife "Sh…..not such a large one, medium,ehh……"

Or, "Don’t tell him Pike!" Ye canny wack it.

So, if anyone is still there, time really must be getting on, on the Loch, and the rain has been more or less constant, but we’re still singing away, dredging up old long forgotten ditties from …..did I ever tell you about the time when…..No.

On this long, long, long, sojourn, of course reading all information boards along the way, this took……………………………can you bare to look………………………..

7 hrs. 52 mins.

So, if you’re up for that, we wish you good luck and we’re all thinking of you. "And it’s a goodnight from him…………….."

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