So for the second year running this race has coincided with the Ben Lomond one, and I was the lone Westie there, but I believe others have run this in previous years.

Yes, I was first lady to cross the line and believe me I have dined out on the plaudits from friends and family alike all week (it’s been great!), but let’s give it some context and perspective … there were only 25 runners in total and out of them 4 were women! All 4 of us started at the back and stayed that way til the end. The men all scampered off at a fast pace – the winner completing the 4.5miles in something like 28mins. Meanwhile I had gone out for a steady wee plod but certainly not to race-race, so frankly I neary choked on my laughter when I was informed I was first lady across the line and was going to be presented with a cup!! My ‘winning’ time was 42:34 – outstanding I’m sure you’ll agree! 

It’s a fun wee race with a bit of everything over the route and, as it’s part of the local agricultural show, you get to admire all the spruced-up animals on display. Who knew horses’ feet were talced?!



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