With the impending demise of the iconic Kelvinhall track, I made the effort to head down for the 2nd edition of Niall’s 1-mile time trial.

This was my first attempt at running for 11 days after going down with gastroenteritis, so I was a bit nervous about any sort of effort.

Only Niall, James Callender and myself turned up to run, and GrimOrr eagerly held the stopwatch for the laps.

I tried to pace it reasonably sensibly, aiming for sub 5 minutes. I went through 800 metres in 2:27, which was looking OK, but then Niall and James slowly starting opening a gap on me which I couldn’t close, and during the last couple of laps my mind was going into a fog, so I was struggling to keep track of the laps, and wasn’t 100% sure when we hit the final lap, so had to look at my watch with half a lap to go only to realise that I’d probably blown the 5 minutes.  I went round the final bend as fast as I could, but the clock stopped at 5:03. James ran 4:53 and Niall was 4:54. 

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